MVMRUG April 23, 1999 Meeting

[Scene from 1999-04-23 meeting]

Our 1999 SPRING (April) MVMRUG MEETING was held in Indianapolis, Indiana, home of the Indy 500. Everyone enjoyed the continental breakfast and had a chance to talk to old friends, meet some new ones and become acquainted with our members. It was a bright spring day and everyone enjoyed the morning sunshine!

Location: Holiday Inn East, Indianapolis, IN

The Holiday Inn East, is located at 6990 E. 21st St. in Indianapolis near Exit 89 off of I-70.

Thursday Night Dinner & Social

No matter where the Montgomery Inn is located, the food and ribs are still the same, mouth-watering and delicious.

Since our April 25, 1997 "Thursday night dinner and social" received the highest reviews, we once again planned our evening out at the Montgomery Inn and no one was a bit disappointed.

The food was superb and the decor was quite surprising! A circular bar surrounded by mirrors hosted sports etchings, sport jerseys hung on the walls and the seating allowed the guests to enjoy the small lake located outside the restaurant. Quite a contrast to the rustic old inn in Cincinnati where we enjoyed our first "Montgomery Inn" ribs!


Here is an overview of the presentations:

  1. RSK (Reusable Server Kernel)
    Brian Wade, IBM

  2. VM/MPG vs. LPAR: What's Changed in the Past Decade?
    Byron Graham, Kimball International

  3. User Experience - How IBM maintains "www.vm.ibm.com"
    Brian Wade, IBM

  4. Plumbing a Connection to SMTP
    Robert P. Nix, Mayo Foundation

  5. Web Enabling Legacy Applications
    Ron Kohl, Beyond Software, Inc.

  6. Free-For-All
    During this regularly scheduled session, let the assembled VM gurus answer your VM or CMS questions.

For additional information, check out our detailed agenda!

A warm welcome to the following first time attendee:

A special "Thank You" to each of our speakers:

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