Midwest VM Regional Users Group

(M V M R U G)

Speaker Guidelines and Expectations

  1. Default presentation length is 1 hour, but we will gladly entertain shorter or longer presentations upon request.

  2. A presentation is to be technical in nature. (NO SALES PITCHES)

  3. No price discussions during the presentation (may be discussed offline at a later time).

  4. We ask that speakers be available for most of the day, (8am-5pm) if possible.

  5. You are invited to attend a casual dinner the night before.

  6. Handouts are encouraged. Prepare for 25 attendees.

  7. No smoking in the meeting rooms.

  8. A free-for-all literature table will be provided.

  9. Vendor give-a-ways are appreciated and welcomed.

  10. No compensation is provided.

  11. White board or flip chart, overhead projector and PC projection unit are standard equipment. Other equipment such as microphone, lavaliere, slide projector and any other reasonable AV equipment will be provided upon request.

  12. After the meeting, a copy of the attendees' critique sheets will be mailed to you so that you will see how well you were received by the attendees (only the section pertaining to your presentation). We feel that this is valuable feedback for both of us.

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